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Classroom Procedures


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  1. English students are responsible for a variety of activities everyday. Students write an entry in their journals on a writing prompt written onto the front board. After 10 days, students hand their journals in for a grade. The journal counts for 30% of their total grade. They MUST write 5 sentences for each journal entry. It is important for teenagers to write daily, they must be able to generate content on a vast amount at a quick pace. The journal is graded on content only, although I do expect them to practice using proper mechanics and spelling. 
  3. English students are responsible for completing Spelling and Vocabulary lessons. Increasing and improving spelling and vocabulary positively effects students' reading and writing capabilities. Each week we work on a lesson and take the tests on Fridays. If a student receives a 100% on both their Spelling and Vocabulary Tests, and they have their homework turned in, then they receive a piece of candy from the candy box! What student doesn't like candy? Tests, quizzes, and homework are worth 20% of their grade.
  4. On Wednesdays the English students work on grammar. Each student is given a grammar workbook to utilize during the school year. Students practice using grammar in their journals and other writing assignments. Students are tested on their grammar knowledge through quizzes and tests. We will be working on IXL throughout the year to support what we have been learning in grammar, reading, and writing.
  5. Students read their literature books as well as other fictional books as assigned by the teacher. These stories include study guides and other assignments.