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7th Grade Reading/Language


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March Madness



Our 7th graders are getting ready to take the NSCAS (NeSA) test. We have really been working on getting on our standards, and practicing the ones we haven't seen very much this year. Prodigy is a website the students have been working on to strengthen their skills in Math. Another activity the students completed to practice Greek and Latin words roots was "Create Your Word". The students were given a list of prefixes, suffixes, and roots. With this list they needed to make up words using a prefix, suffix, and root. The objective was to memorize the the pieces of a word to help prepare them for NSCAS. We have also been working on vocab practice. 

IXL and Prodigy are great practice sites for ALL students and subjects.


Even with NSCAS coming up, teaching the kids life lessons is still important. With spring here, I wanted to take the students out and to be apart of the community. We enjoyed a community clean-up. Teaching the students to be respectful and responsible for our community isn't a standard you can teach, but it is a lesson I feel is important that all students should learn.











This year's homecoming week consisted of dressing up as farm objects to showing our favorite vacation place. The 7th graders had a hard time dressing up, but they did enjoy decorating the hallway and winning the daily activities. Monday was dodgeball. It was a hard fought battle but they were out-manned by the 8th and 11th graders. Tuesday's competition was the scavenger hunt. This was a struggle for they could only have 2 people searching at a time. Wednesday and Thursday was the 7th graders shining moments, as building gingerbread houses and eating up the balloons in hungry-hungry hippo was their  specialty. These events gave them the confidence to continue the week with a positive attitude. After a crazy week of great activities, we are ready to finish the school year out strong!

Thank you to everyone who was involved in creating the homecoming festivities! What and excellent turnout!!