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Acceptable use of Computer and Laptop


Acceptable Uses For the Computer/Internet Network


Acceptable Uses For the Computer/Internet Network of the Lewiston

Consolidated School District


The Lewiston Consolidated School District is pleased to make available to students access to interconnected computer systems within the District and to the Internet, the worldwide web that provides various means of accessing significant educational materials and opportunities. In order for the Lewiston Consolidated School District to be able to continue to make its computer network and Internet access available, all students must take responsibility for appropriate and lawful use of the access.


Students must understand that one student’s misuse of the network and Internet access may jeopardize the ability of all students to enjoy such access. While the District’s teachers and other staff will make reasonable efforts to supervise student use of network and Internet access, they must have student cooperation in exercising and promoting responsible use of this access. Listed below are the provisions of your agreement regarding computer network and Internet use. If you have any questions about the provisions, you should contact the superintendent and/or his/her designee. If any user violates this Policy, the student’s access will be denied, if not already provided, or withdrawn and he or she may be subject to additional disciplinary action.


  1. Personal Responsibility

By signing the acknowledgement form that accompanies this handout, you are agreeing to follow the rules in this Policy, and are agreeing to report any misuse of the network to the superintendent and/or his/her designee. Misuse means any violations of this Policy or any other use that is not included in the Policy, but has the effect of harming another or his or her property.


  1. Terms of the Permitted Use
    1. A student who submits to the District, as directed, a properly signed acknowledgment form and follows the Policy to which he or she has agreed will have computer network and Internet access during the course of the school year.


    1. Students must have their laptop with them or locked in their hall lockers, or in area designated by the classroom teacher. The laptop must never be left unattended. Faculty will pick up and give unattended laptops to the Main Office.


    1. Laptops must be kept in the computer case issued with the laptop at all times when not in use.


    1. Laptops are to be closed and in the computer case when walking in the halls and moving from room to room. Laptops that are open when moving through the halls or from room to room will be confiscated by faculty or administration and will be turned into the front office.


    1. Bookbags and backpacks with laptops in the case should not be thrown or stepped on.


    1. Students are not to take their laptops out in a classroom until instructed to do so by the teacher.


    1. Students are not to deface their laptop or carrying case in any way, e.g., with stickers, tape,

white-out, marking pens, etc, unless authorized by the administration or technology coordinator.

h. The laptop must not be left in a vehicle.

  1. Sound must be turned off at all times, except when being used as part of a class.
    • They must have their own headphones and abide by copyright laws.
    • Spot inspections will occasionally take place.
    • If explicit songs are found the songs will be removed and disciplinary action will be taken
    • Repeat infractions will result in a loss of computer privileges according the the designated consequence levels.


  1. The laptop will not be taken to school activities unless first approved by the administration.


  1. Students are not to take their laptops outside during free time or while watching athletic activities. Classroom activities outside of the building are excepted.


  1. Students are responsible to have their computer and adapter at school each day, fully charged.


Any violation of the above mentioned rules will result in disciplinary action. Any attempt to damage the computer will result in the loss of ALL computer privileges.

Acceptable Uses


Educational Purposes Only

The Lewiston Consolidated School District is providing access to its computer network and the internet for educational purposes only. If you have any doubt about whether a contemplated activity is educational, you may consult with the superintendent and/or his/her designee to help you decide if a use is appropriate.


Net Etiquette

All users must abide by the rules of network etiquette, which includes the following:

  1. Be Polite. Use appropriate language. No swearing, vulgarities, suggestive, obscene, belligerent, or threatening language.
  2. Avoid language and uses which may be offensive to other users. Don’t use access privileges to make, distribute, or redistribute jokes, stories, or other materials which are based upon slurs or stereotypes relating to race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion or sexual orientation.
  3. Don’t assume that a sender of email is giving his or her permission to you to forward or redistribute the message to third parties or to give his/her email address to third parties. This should only be done with permission or when you know that the individual would have no objection.
  4. Be considerate when sending attachments with email (where this is permitted). Be sure that the file is not too large to be accommodated by the recipient’s system and is in a format that the

recipient can open.