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Setting up printing on a new Account

November 16, 2017


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FAQ for setting printer to remember Department ID


Students  and Faculty can set their computer to remember the Dept. Id.


Open the System Preferences Utility

  1. Select the Printer from the list on the left.

Select the Options & Supplies button under the Printer Name


printer Utility tab.pdf


This will open another view as pictured above.  Choose the Utility Tab.


On the Utility Tab you will see the picture below



Under User Management Select Department ID from the drop down box.

In the box marked Department ID (Type your copier number)

Click on Save Settings.  


Then Close the box by clicking on the red circle in the upper left of the box.


This will set up your computer to remember your Copier Code ( Dept. ID)

for this printer.  This must be done for each printer that you wish to enable this setting for.